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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Biodegradable Cigarette Filters Flower Into Trees When Thrown Away

Amanda Froelich

To offset some of the environmental damage caused by smoking, this company has embedded seeds into its cigarette filters.

How does a group of committed individuals go about creating a greener world? By utilizing ingenious technologies and concepts to create products that turn into something better when thrown away – or, in this case, littered.

You’ve seen the concept presented with the biodegradable urns that turn your loved ones into oxygen-producing trees, as well as with the book that can be planted and grow into a tree.

But now, a company in India has produced biodegradable cigarettes embedded with the seeds that can also sprout new life.

As reported by Boredpanda, Indian Prasadam Industries came up with the idea to turn the concept of litter into an environmentally-friendly gesture. Their concept is similar to GreenButts, which transforms discarded cigarettes into flowers or grass when placed in the soil.

The cigarettes are made from biodegradable pulp without using any chemicals or binding agents. And importantly, the paper helps nurture the seeds while protecting it from high heat and nicotine.

When one is done lighting up, they can either mindfully plant their cigarette filter and expectantly wait for it to sprout, or ensure it is extinguished and leave it in an area so new life may be inspired.

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