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Friday, 12 June 2015

Hundreds Of Scientists Warn: No Consensus On Safety Of Genetically Modified Crops

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A coalition of scientists warns there is no consensus on the safety of genetically-modified organisms, and more long-term research must be done on individual modified crops. Their message stands in sharp contrast to the idea, popular in the mainstream media, that GMO safety is universally accepted by science.

“Fears, Not Facts, Support G.M.O.-Free Food,” reads the headline of an editorial by Jane E. Brody, published Monday in The New York Times. Brody argues that science supports the use of modern genetically-engineered plants, and that opponents are working from a place of emotion, not fact. “The anti-G.M.O. movement, I’m afraid, risks throwing the baby out with the bathwater,” argues Brody.

Similarly, Steven Savage, writing last month for Forbes, called the anti-GMO movement “superstition.” “Although all of the major scientific bodies around the world have affirmed the safety of ‘GMO crops,’ the fear-based messaging has worked,” he wrote.


The authors argue that the idea of universal consensus on the safety of GMO crops is a myth created by a small group of “stakeholders,” such as scientists funded by the agribusiness industry, claiming there’s been “a concerted effort by genetically modified (GM) seed developers and some scientists, commentators, and journalists to construct claims that there is a ‘scientific consensus’ on GMO safety and that the debate on this topic is ‘over.’”

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