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Sunday, 19 July 2015

‘I wish they’re birds in heaven’: Families of kids killed on Gaza beach grieve 1 year on


The families of four Palestinian children killed last year on a Gaza beach by Israeli rockets while playing football believe they will never recover from the tragedy, which “stole their happiness.”
A football game between eight boys, all relatives, was terminated by three Israeli missiles on July 16, 2014. Four of the children, Ahed Atef Baker and Zakaria Ahed Baker, both aged 10, Mohamed Ramez Baker, 11, and Ismael Mohamed Baker, 9, lost their lives. International journalists witnessed the tragedy from beachfront hotels and rushed to the scene, from where they broadcast pictures of the slain boys which shook the world.

Journalists later said that when the first shell hit the ground the children ran away, but another shell hit them all, adding that the incident looked as if the shells were chasing them.

The Israeli military closed an investigation into the incident last month, saying the children had been mistaken for Hamas naval forces.

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[Comment: Yet another "mistake" rather than an extermination policy? Suuuuure].  

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