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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

WH Chef: Another Bush-Clinton Crime Family Murder?

Wayne Madsen
Wayne Madsen Report

SPECIAL REPORT. Not so fast on ex-White House chef's "accidental" death while hiking

If any responsible law enforcement officer or journalist had made the effort to read the 2007 memoir of ex-White House chef Walter Scheib, “White House Chef: Eleven Years, Two Presidents, One Kitchen,” which was written with Andrew Friedman, they might not have been so quick to accept the ruling that his death while hiking in the mountains near Taos, New Mexico was merely "accidental." Scheib, who was hired as White House executive chef and was well-liked by one 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was adamantly disliked by George W. Bush, the brother of Jeb Bush, another 2016 presidential candidate.

On June 13, Scheib started hiking the Yerba Linda trail in the Sangre de Cristo (literally, "blood of Christ") Mountains after parking his car at a lot at the trailhead.

His body was found in a river within the wilderness area on June 21. Scheib, who was previously twice married, was reported missing by his girlfriend. An autopsy revealed that Scheib drowned in a rain-swollen river. As with the suspicious deaths of other politically-connected individuals, including former CIA director William Colby, CIA agent John Paisley, and former Export-Import Bank chairman Phil Merrill, bodies found in the water normally result in inconclusive toxicology examinations conducted as part of the autopsy.

While Scheib wrote in his introductory Author's Note that he had no intention of dishing dirt on anyone he worked with during his eleven years as the "First Chef," it is clear that his time as a White House employee markedly changed when the Clintons left the White House in 2001 and the Bushes arrived.

Scheib wrote, "there's no so-called 'dirt' to be found about the First Families here, and no commenting on the personal or political challenges faced by either of the administrations I served."

While there was no "dirt" offered up in the Clintons -- the name Monica Lewinsky does not appear once -- there is enough on the high-browed haughtiness of Laura Bush, who practically personally approved every menu, always insisting on "country club food," and the simple-mindedness of Dubya to indicate that Scheib might have proven to be an embarrassment to the Bush family as Jeb Bush prepared to announce his White House bid.

Ex-White House chef Walter Scheib knew a lot about 9/11. And he suddenly died just as Jeb Bush was announcing he was running for president.

It is Scheib's personal recollections about what happened at the White House on the morning of September 11, 2001, that may have made him a target for Bush-style "silencing" in the weeks before Jeb Bush's announcement that he was running for the presidency. The Bush family, known as the "family that preys together," may have found Scheib's recollections of the Bush years from 2001 to February 2005, when, after Bush's re-election, he was unceremoniously fired by the trio of Laura Bush, White House social secretary and DC socialite Lea Berman -- the wife of GOP lobbyist Wayne Berman -- and a pretentious dandy named Kenneth Blasingame, Laura's good friend and her interior decorator from Texas, to be too much "insider information" that might prejudice the voting public's desire to have yet a third Bush occupy the White House.

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