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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Death squads, pedophiles and psychopaths: Inside the British establishment

Joe Quinn

On August 2nd, the UK's Express reported that British special forces were dressing up as ISIS jihadis and conducting operations in Iraq and Syria. Idiotically describing the tactic as "unorthodox", the Express journalists said that "more than 120 members of the elite regiment are currently in the war-torn country". Such a strategy can seem justified to those with only an official understanding of the Middle East conflict - where ISIS are the 'baddies' and Western operatives are the 'goodies' - and a hopelessly naive belief in the benevolence of the British military. But when viewed in the context of actual British military history in 'conflict zones' over the course of the 20th century, this story takes on a much more sinister form.

Staying with the present for a moment, the claim that British special forces are in Iraq and Syria to "fight ISIS" is not credible. More than four years ago the anglo-American warmongers made it abundantly clear that they, in league with their head-chopping royal friends in Saudi Arabia, were determined to unseat Assad, even going as far as to fabricate WMD evidence (a la Saddam Hussein) to justify a NATO attack. When Russian diplomacy thwarted that effort, the US and British 'elite' fell back on the tried and tested 'civil war' of attrition by proxy forces, in an effort to oust Assad.

But Assad, democratically elected by the Syrian people, is reluctant to leave just because Washington, Riyadh, Whitehall and Tel Aviv want him too. And while Russian, Iranian and Lebanese help is still available, it seems that the West's proxy army, aka the 'Syria rebels', are doomed to fight and die forever, or until the West's supply of hired guns (or money) runs out.

Genetically averse to accepting the hard facts of any situation, the US and British 'elites' have recently declared their right to "attack ISIS positions" directly through manned US airstrikes from Turkish bases. The real point of these airstrikes however is revealed in the fact that the US claims the right to attack anyone who threatens the Pentagon-trained 'Syrian rebels', who are primarily fighting against Assad on behalf of the US, British and Saudi regimes. That, of course, is the main point of these airstrikes; a back-door attempt to justify US military attacks on the Syrian government and its military rather than "fighting ISIS". It's reasonable to conclude, therefore, that those British special forces dressed up as ISIS form part of the same strategy and are providing "boots on the ground" to support US airstrikes on Syria positions.

But a gang of UK special forces dressed up as jihadis presents other opportunities too. They could, for example, carry out attacks against anyone, including civilians if it was considered expedient, and blame it on ISIS.

Just yesterday, a truck bomb exploded in the Shiite Sadr city area of Baghdad, killing 54 people. "ISIS" claimed responsibility by way of an unverifiable online message, but the attack bolstered Western governments' long-term plans to divide Iraq up into three separate states. The Pentagon recently 'resigned' itself to this policy it has been pushing for years, and former chief of US armed forces in Iraq, Gen. Raymond Odierno, also said as much in recent comments that were denounced by the Iraqi government.

But whatever these real-life 'jihadi johns' get up to, the British military's extensive experience in dressing up its recruits as the enemy and sending them into a conflict to 'stir things up', will ensure they perform admirably, no doubt. 

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