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Friday, 21 August 2015

Why after a decade of education are our kids so uneducated?

Phillip J. Watt
The Mind Unleashed

It's clear that we need to redesign our education model. An example that we can all relate to is simply asking ourselves what information do we need to live an honourable, healthy and happy life, and of that, what is provided through the school system? The answer is almost none of it.

It is up to the parents, mentors, peers and other societal influences to fill these gaps, but we all know this doesn't regularly occur. If the guides and teachers in a child's life don't have the knowledge and skills to properly inform and take care of themselves, then how can they be expected to share it with others? They literally can't, which is why we need an effective safety net to provide all the information that our children need to develop into awakened, functional and wholesome adults.

The education system in western society is not geared towards providing what's best for each child. Primarily it is designed to produce citizens who contribute to, and consume from, the interdependent global economy. It's like a factory assembly line; what mundane 9-5 job are we best suited to live a stressed out adult existence?

It is in this sense that we are indoctrinated through our schooling to uncritically accept the system that we are born into, regardless if it means ill health and discontentment for the individual and our society as a whole. The model is simply designing the new generations into robotic slaves of the old ways when we are undertaking multiple paradigm shifts into a new era of human civilisation.

However, it's not just the systemic box that we're squashed into; our kids are being lied to in many ways. There is also little focus on real education, such as equipping them with the creative, personal, emotional, social and other life skills to properly survive and thrive in today's challenging society. For example, emotional and social skills are a "different way of being smart" and are extremely important for kids to learn at a young age, so why aren't they a primary focus?  

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