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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Even the UN gets it: Ban Ki-moon condemns US position on Syria, endorses Putin

Eric Zuesse

Even Ban Ki-moon - usually solidly in US' pocket - thinks Washington's insistence that Assad 'must go' before a solution can be sought is mad

In an interview with Spanish newspapers that was published October 31st, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon condemned U.S. President Barack Obama's demand that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad be removed from office, and Moon said: "The future of Assad must be determined by the Syrian people."

Here is the entire quotation:

"The future of President Assad must be decided by the Syrian people. Now, I do not want to interfere in the process of Vienna, but I think it is totally unfair and unreasonable that the fate of a person [diplomatese here for: U.S. President Barack Obama's demand that Assad be removed from the Presidency of Syria] to paralyze all this political negotiation.

This is not acceptable. It's not fair. The Syrian government insists that Assad should be part of the transition. Many Western countries oppose the Syrian government's position. Meanwhile, we lost years.

250,000 people have been killed. There are 13 million refugees or internally displaced. Over 50% of hospitals, schools and infrastructure has been destroyed in Syria.

You must not lose more time. This crisis goes beyond Syria, beyond the region. It affects Europe. It is a global crisis."
The U.N. Secretary General is here implicitly blaming all of this — lots of blood and misery — on U.S. President Obama, and on the "many Western countries" who ally with him and have joined with him in demanding regime-change in Syria.

The position of Russia's President Vladimir Putin has been, and is, to the exact contrary of Obama's: namely, that only an election by the Syrian people can determine whom Syria's President should be. The U.N. Secretary General is here agreeing with Putin, and rejecting Obama's demand, that the matter be determined instead by non-Syrians, and by non-democratic means (which is basically like George W. Bush did in Iraq, and like Barack Obama did in Libya). 

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