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Monday, 2 November 2015

Former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, a Suspect After 680 Kilos of Cocaine Found on Private Jet

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Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is under investigation for his involvement in a drug deal worth over $54 million. Investigators discovered that he was connected to possible drug traffickers, and regularly used a private airplane that was caught attempting to transport large amounts of cocaine internationally.

In 2013, two French pilots were captured as they attempted to fly 680 kilos of cocaine out of the Dominican Republic in an airplane that is closely tied to Sarkozy and a company owned by one of his very close associates. Just last week, these pilots escaped from the country and are nowhere to be found. Many suspect that high-ranking politicians were able to use their clout to help them escape.

The judge in the case ordered that two cellphones owned by Sarkozy be seized by police, as well as his phone records, and even his GPS location data. It is likely that investigators will attempt to use the GPS location data to place Sarkozy at the scene of the crime during the time that one of the large deals was happening.

The court order demanded “details of telephone lines used by Nicolas Sarkozy and his entourage in the period March 2013 and March 2014,” as well as “detailed bills” and “geolocalization for the months of March and April 2013.”

The Dassault Falcon 50 jet that was raided on a Dominican Republic Airfield on March 19, 2013, was regularly used by Sarkozy, and there is a trail of paperwork connecting him and his associates to the aircraft. He is also known to have been on the jet on several different occasions while the operations were occurring, flying at least three times between December 2012 and February 2013. Ironically enough, he was taking those flights to defend himself in corruption cases that were entirely unrelated to the drug smuggling.

After the pilots were able to escape prosecution, French newspapers reported that they had the help of an “unknown politician” and a number of former naval intelligence officers.

Sarkozy is well-known for his history of corruption and has been facing numerous criminal charges since he lost his presidential immunity from prosecution in 2012. However, Sarkozy still plans on running for president in 2017, and he believes that he is popular enough to get elected.

This may seem out of the ordinary, but we actually regularly report on politicians all over the world getting caught up in drug smuggling scandals.

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