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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Syrian Invasion Planned Since 2012 – ‘No Boots on Ground’ a Lie from the Start

Justin Gardner
Free Thought Project

The mainstream media continues its job as Praetorian Guard by consuming the airways with whether Obama’s putting troops in Syria really means “boots on the ground.” The drama centers on the status of their vaunted Special Forces, which enjoy greater discretion in murdering people and, it seems, don’t wear real boots.

The increasing U.S. intervention in Syria, through overt and covert means, is playing out a well-known strategy of those in the business of global hegemony—one known as the Hegelian Dialectic.

We now appear to be starting the “solution phase” of a Problem-Reaction-Solution method used for many goals of the State. Here it serves to exert control over foreign lands through death and destruction. Create the problem, stoke the reaction, and provide the solution.

Creating the problem involved nurturing those who would become ISIS, as the U.S. did al Qaida in its proxy war against the Russians in the 1980s. In its drive to unseat President Assad, the U.S.-led cabal armed and supported those who would rebel against Assad, but also brutally murder innocent people.

While the problem was being created, stoking the public reaction became a priority. A recent example includes the FBI saying that ISIS has been trying to attack the U.S. energy infrastructure, which the MSM readily echoed. Of course, the hackers were weak and the attempts not even close to being effective, but this act (which many 12-year-olds could likely duplicate) became a cause for war.

The path to a “solution” was no accident, and the solution being brought to Syria—courtesy of bombs, bullets and now boots on the ground—was years in the making.

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