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Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Struggle for Hearts and Minds: Putin Continues to Call NATO's Bluff

"How in the world is this not front-page news in the West? Does Turkey really not control it's border with Daesh-occupied northern Syria? Of course it does. Are Turkish officials really unaware that endless convoys are daily making the trek into and out of Turkey carrying this illegal oil? That's nonsense. So why, oh why aren't Erdogan and his associates rotting in prison? Because they are a NATO member, and because NATO (i.e. the U.S.) is an even greater sponsor of terrorism."

Harrison Koehli

France and Russia have agreed to cooperate in the fight against the Daeshbags. The news comes after Hollande and Putin met in Moscow yesterday, where they agreed to share intelligence, intensify and coordinate airstrikes together, and jointly make sure their airstrikes concentrate on "terrorist" groups, including Daesh. Putin clarified:
... we will exchange information with France about the areas that are being held by healthy opposition, not terrorists, and will refrain from delivering air strikes at them. We will also exchange information, when we - France and Russia - know for sure that certain areas are captured by terrorist organisations, and we will coordinate our efforts with regard to those areas.
It looks like France really is allying with Russia, to the extent it is able -- something the U.S. has refused to do. Putin said he and Hollande "are looking at this kind of cooperation as concrete and practical input towards forming a broad anti-terrorist coalition, a broad anti-terrorist front under the auspices of the United Nations. I will note that the number of nations sharing this initiative is growing." He also said that both parties "agreed to continue working together very actively within the framework of the International Syria Support Group and promote the fulfilment of all agreements reached within this group, first and foremost with regard to the deadlines and parameters for holding intra-Syrian talks."

Hollande reiterated these points, calling such a coalition "the most important reality in today's world" and stressing that France has "done everything we can to ensure that our military will be actively involved in eliminating ISIS." He even said the UK and Germany are on board for this kind of coordination. (Germany will primarily be providing reconnaissance.) On the political side, he said:
"We believe that the following conditions should be met if we are to ensure a political transition process. A coalition government, an independent government, should be formed during a transition period. This transitional period should lead to the adoption of a new constitution, elections should be held with the participation of all political factions, groups and members of the expatriate community. And it goes without saying that Assad does not have any role to play in the future of his country.

However, in order to achieve this, it is imperative that Russia should play the main, one of the main roles in this process. I've told Mr Putin that France is ready and willing to work with Russia hand in hand towards our common objective, which is to fight terrorist groups, above all ISIS. It is for this reason that I believe our meeting today to be of utmost importance".
Yeah, "it goes without saying"... More like it's not worth saying at all, because it's US BS. But there's nothing in the Vienna agreement about Assad having to go. If the Syrian people want him, that's their right. So on the one hand Hollande parrots the U.S. talking point, but on the other stresses that "all agreements reached" by the Syria Support Group should be implemented. He also had this to say: "The only goal that we should all set for ourselves is the fight against ISIS and the elimination of the terrorists. We have no other goals." 

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