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Friday, 20 November 2015

Why do 96pc of male sexual assaults go unreported?

"Until recently, all governmental public sexual violence strategy and policy announcements were framed in terms of violence against women and girls"
-- Michael May

The Telegraph Lifestyle

On Wednesday, the GLA Conservative Group issued a thorough study that highlighted the gulf between adult male sexual assaults and the amount that get reported to the police.

Titled “Silent Suffering – Supporting the Male Survivors of Sexual Assault”, the paper highlighted the fact that between 2010 and 2014 there were 26,483 recorded incidents of males being victims of sexual assault or rape. This is contrasted with research conducted by SurvivorsUK, the largest and longest established specialist male sexual violence support charity in the UK,  which evaluated five years of self-referral data (more than 600 individual entries) to establish that less than 4pc of the sample had reported their experience of adult sexual assault to the police.

In short, it is believed that the actual number of offences in that four year period exceeds 670,000.

That figure may seem overwhelming, but to those of us who work with these survivors, it comes as little surprise.

The report goes on to discuss some very sensible interim measures to increase engagement with criminal justice services, but the larger question – what actually stops these men from coming forward, not just to the police but for any help at all – demands closer consideration.

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