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Saturday, 19 December 2015

NATO Nuclear Scam on Iran Now Carved in Stone

New Eastern Outlook

The IAEA has finally retired the Iranian nuclear military use folder with a unanimous vote which clears the way to removing most of the sanctions. It has been a long day in coming, but the wooden stake was put through the vampire hearts of all the Iran haters with the IAEA declaring it had found no military use of Iranian nuclear technology.

All those who had claimed that Iran had a hidden nuclear weapons program are now proven to have been lying. Why?…because all during the P5+1 negotiation process, during the hard fought Congressional vote on the final agreement, and during this last shot “military portfolio” issue did any intelligence agency reveal its secret stash of proof they had been holding off for the last moment.

The coordinated scale of the Iran threat hoax I viewed as a psychological terror campaign in itself against all countries East and West. Every time Obama or high Pentagon officials mentioned “all options are on the table, including the military one”, they knew they were sending a message to us all that they already had evidence of either weapons grade uranium diversion, or nuclear weapons technology in the works, which would have had to include warhead designing and some initial testing.

For Israel the matter was even worse, due to its constant threats that it would “go it alone” to stop Iran from “getting the bomb” if it had to. Netanyahu and his general staff were also sending a complimentary message that they also had solid Intel on an Iranian weapons program or they would never have risked a preemptive attack. Israel was aiming to justify any future such attack as a defensive move on its part. Even the holocaust card was played repeatedly as part of their “never again” PR cover.

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