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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Turkish MP faces treason charges after telling RT ISIS used Turkey for transiting sarin

Comment: Turkey, as lap-dog to US-NATO imperialism is slipping deeper into its own hole...



A treason investigation has been launched against a Turkish MP who alleged in an exclusive interview with RT that Islamic State jihadists delivered deadly sarin gas to Syria through Turkey. 
Ankara’s Chief Prosecutor's Office opened the case against Istanbul MP Eren Erdem of Republican People's Party (CHP) after his interview about sarin was aired on RT on Monday. 

"Chemical weapon materials were brought to Turkey and put together in ISIS camps in Syria, which was known as the Iraqi Al-Qaeda at that time." 
Turkish MP called traitor after Sarin gas revelationsTurkish MP Eren Erdem faces treason charges after this interview to RT. It's about Turkey, deadly Sarin gas & ISIS. READ MORE:
Posted by RT Play on Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Erdem noted that the chemicals used for the production of weapons did not originate from Turkey. “All basic materials are purchased from Europe. Western institutions should question themselves about these relations. Western sources know very well who carried out the sarin gas attack in Syria,” Erdem told RT.

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