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Sunday, 6 December 2015

U.S. War on Terror Defined: Video Shows Opposing Groups Both Using US-Supplied Weapons

Aleppo, Syria — A recent video, apparently recorded just outside of Aleppo Syria and uploaded to Youtube, illustrates just how insane the US “War on Terror” has become.

What the video shows is the U.S. backed, armed, and financed Free Syrian Army, (aka moderate rebels, aka ISIS-linked terrorists) firing a U.S. Supplied anti-tank TOW guided missile.

Of course, the ‘moderate rebels’ firing a US missile is nothing out of the ordinary. However, what makes this U.S. paid for missile so special is that it was fired at what is clearly a U.S. paid for Humvee.

The description posted inside the video says that they destroyed a Humvee with a 14.5mm machine gun and that all occupants of the vehicle were killed.

Whether or not the Humvee belonged to the huge lot of “stolen” military gear in Iraq last year or if it was driven in by US-supplied Iraqi militias is unclear.

What is clear, however, is that whether directly or through error, the US is financing multiple sides of the conflict in Syria, thereby highlighting the ridiculous nature of America’s foreign policy.

As politicians continue to call for gun control domestically, these idiots are handing out guided missile systems to people linked to violent extremist groups by dropping crates from the sky.

As the death toll passes 250,000 in Syria, the US continues to peddle the bullshit notion that dumping troops and money and weapons into the hands of ‘moderate rebels’ will somehow accomplish peace in the region.

The reality is, however, far different, and those at the top of the global murdering empire know it.

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