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Monday, 14 December 2015

VIDEO: Police Shoot Man in the Back as He Walked Away — Execute Him as He Crawled for His Life

Comment: Yet another "death by police" as a sign of the terminal disintegration of the American Republic. 


The Free Thought Project


Lynwood, CA – A video of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies gunning down a man, who had his back turned to them, is fanning the flames of protests and debate regarding law enforcement’s use of force.

The short video, which was released yesterday, clearly shows 28-year-old Nicholas Robertson walking away as police opened fire on him. After the first deputy fired over a dozen rounds, the man can be seen falling to the ground, and in a desperate attempt to save his life, begins crawling away from the officer. At this point, a second officer arrives, and after a brief pause, both begin firing recklessly as the man crawls just feet away from a gas pump. In total, officers fired over 30 rounds at this man.

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