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Monday, 21 March 2016

Operation Midland Closes Down As Scotland Yard Probe Into Westminster ‘Paedophile Ring’ Collapses

Huffington Post

Comment: Not a great surprise since every so called inquiry has always ended up whitewashed. It was never going to be allowed to get anywhere, how could it when the very nature of the Establishment and the state is psychopathic?


Operation Midland, the police investigation into historical claims of a Westminster VIP paedophile ring has closed,Scotland Yard said.

Former Tory MP Harvey Proctor has been told he will face no further action over Scotland Yard's investigation into historical VIP abuse claims. 

The 69-year-old was twice interviewed under caution as part of the investigation, and has consistently denied any wrongdoing, claiming he was the victim of a homosexual witchunt.  

According to the Press Association, he said: "I have been advised that the Metropolitan Police Service has informed my solicitors that they intend to take no further action with regard to my involvement with Operation Midland."

Proctor called for Scotland Yard boss Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe and a string of senior officers to resign over the heavily-criticised probe, which cost £1.8 million up to November 2015. 

The investigation, looking at claims that boys were sexually abused by a number of public figures more than 30 years ago, saw raids on the homes of 92-year-old D-Day veteran Lord Bramall and the late Lord Brittan.

It centred on allegations by a man known as "Nick", and was also looking into the alleged murder of three young boys. At one point a detective described Nick's account as "credible and true".

The inquiry came under intense scrutiny after the Met announced that Lord Bramall would face no further action over historical child abuse allegations.

The development sparked calls for police to offer an apology to the former armed forces chief - which Scotland Yard refused - and prompted questions over the veracity of Nick's claims.

Proctor said: "I believe Operation Midland should now be the subject of a truly independent public inquiry. I consider that Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, (Assistant Commissioner) Pat Gallan, (Deputy Assistant Commissioner) Steve Rodhouse and (Detective Superintendent) Kenny MacDonald should tender their resignations from the Metropolitan Police Service forthwith."

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