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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Forced child prostitution case: Netherlands elite, royalty under microscope

NL Times

A number of important Dutch people were named in the Amsterdam court on Monday, where witnesses are being questioned in a case surrounding an extensive network of child sexual abuse and child prostitution in Amsterdam in the 1980’s. According to the first witness, former mayor Ed van Thijn, former Minister Onno Rudding and Prince Claus were all involved in pedophile-prostitution to some extent.
Koos van Woudenberg is the first of nine witnesses that will testify under oath this week. According to Van Woudenberg, he was abused in an Amsterdam apartment while he was still in primary school, according to AD reporter Koen Voskuil tweeting live from within the courtroom.

In that Amsterdam apartment, which belonged to now deceased professor Ger van Roon, sexual acts were committed with young boys, Van Woudenberg told the court. The witness stated that he saw former mayor Ed van Thijn, top Justice official Joris Demmink and former Minister Onno Rudding in the apartment, performing sexual acts with boys.

Demmink was there almost every time, Van Thijn at least twice. Van Woudenberg had oral sex with Rudding. He also claims that he saw Prince Claus at a bar “in relation with young boys.” Prince Claus was also in Van Roon’s apartment.

The second witness to be questioned was Raphael Beth, a former employee of public health service GGD, back then GG&GD, in Amsterdam. The now 70 year old Beth worked as a field employee for the service from the late 80’s. He had a good overview of the boys involved because they came to him with their problems. He also visited visited the six or seven youth-brothels in the city at least once a week, to talk to the owners and check on the boys.

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