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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

America’s Legacy Will Be Its Downfall: Empire Always Comes Home

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
Remember, it’s supposed to come right back here because that which the U.S. has created and maybe, perhaps, even the very reason for being that America was set up to do, is almost accomplished. Once it’s accomplished, they’ll be doing the same thing back home. You’ll SUBMERGE into the world system you helped create. – Alan

As Western media outlets and the U.S. State Department attempt to gin up public sentiment surrounding alleged bombings of alleged hospitals that may or may not have even existed and that, even if they did, were nothing more than field hospitals for terrorists, the Syrian people are suffering under unimaginable conditions. These true victims, of course, are completely ignored by the same outlets that cry and pine over the deaths and setbacks of jihadists, rapists, torturers, and murderers.

Amidst the constant propaganda and dehumanizing method of reporting “news” in the West, both the humanity and the wishes of the Syrian people are lost completely.

In a video posted by the ANNA News Agency, one is able to see footage of Aleppo where Western-backed terrorists are lobbing missiles and bombs against civilian targets, film that would never be played on Western televisions under the guise of protecting a violence-ridden and violence-obsessed public from the “graphic images” of the results of their own intellectual laziness and lack of moral conviction. Graphic images are no problem when it is movie time, of course, but when violent images come home to roost, trigger warnings are required and censorship is always invoked. That is, unless the necessity of stirring up public support for foreign wars is dire enough to warrant its presentation.

Indeed, scenes from Aleppo will only be shown when media outlets are able to twist the footage into a report on the “crimes of Assad” instead of the natural progression of acts of destabilization set into motion by the United States and its coalition. Indeed, these conditions are entirely the fault of the United States, Britain, France, the GCC, Israel and the NATO powers. In the ANNA news report, one can view footage that depicts a way of life – only five years old contrary to Western brainwashing – that is unimaginable to any sane person and, five years ago, would have been unimaginable to any Syrian. In the video report, the first scene is shortly after a terrorist bombing in West Aleppo where a young man can be heard speaking to his mother and saying “Hello? Hello? Mama I’ll talk to you later. Another bomb fell. Bye, Bye.”

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