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Monday, 16 May 2016

Bombshell: Turkish opposition MP releases 422 pages proving Turkish collusion with Daesh


These 422 pages of classified documents contain blood-chilling information regarding terrorist activities in Turkey.

These documents classified as 'secret' material, contain huge amounts of information regarding the activities of Daesh militants in Kilis and Gaziantep.

They also show that all the crossings of thousands of terrorists at the Turkish-Syrian border were known to the Turkish authorities, and despite that, they did not take any action.

Erdem, commenting on this information, said that in Kilis, Gaziantep and across Turkey dangerous processes are taking place to which the government turns a blind eye. "I am speaking here as a deputy, whose duty is to control what is happening. The documents that I present to you, is a living proof of what kind of dirty games the AKP government is involved in."  

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