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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Cyborgs 2030: The Military’s Vision of Remote Controlled Soldiers

C.K. Golden

(A Call to Actions)  The following is a portion of an article written by Bobby Vaughn Jr. about the US Military’s plans to develop “cyborg humans” for use in warfare.  To view the entire article please click here.

“Be All You Can Be” – the motto of Earth’s most aggressive and persistently violent team of death adders: The United States ARMY.

“The ARMY states this in a catchy way- convincing many that joining is the best you can do for yourself by improving yourself, upgrading yourself. Being all that you can be once you have raped sacred lands of all human dignity and enforced a terror state amongst the children and women?  Is that the best the United States Citizen can be? Of course not, the military wants more & more! More, of course, in a techno-integro sense.  What they want are cyborgs: Remotely-controlled man/machine trans-humans that have stripped away all dignity and will to the hands of war.”

Department of Defense Budget report for Fiscal Year 2015. Nanotechnology is the future of warfare. Take the boots off the ground, put them in your living room. Video games of the future might be the mans by which cyborg soldiers are controlled, perhaps they already are.

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