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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Goldman Sachs Rep Discusses Militarizing the Moon

American Intelligence Report

The idea of colonizing Earth’s moon and creating a whole world from scratch has always been a notion of science-fiction, until now NBC reports. The European Space Agency has put in motion a plan to build a ‘moon village‘ accessible to ESA member states and other nations globally. The village will offer fresh business, leisure and community opportunities. “A village is something where different people are gathering with different capabilities, different opportunities, and then they build a community,” Johann-Dietrich Wörner, director general of the ESA, said during this years 32nd Space Symposium. “It’s not one village with some houses, a church.”

As space technology is advancing, the amount of time to reach local planets and moons is decreasing. Forget witnessing a sunset, how about an Earthset? The moon has also been slated to be a tourist and vacationing spot, and the aspirations do not stop  there.

“I think we should go first to the moon and then further on,” Wörner said.

“I would not call Mars the ultimate goal. I am quite sure humans will go further,” he added.
The mission will also make use of state-of-the-art robot and 3-d printing technology .

Robots will land on the moon prior and use 3D printers to construct a safe environment, including daily life-support requirements for travelers and permanent residents.

It’s unsure of what type of government will be established on the moon in the early phases of development, if any.

However, it would not be to far-fetched to believe that the moon would be run by corporate policies, rather than a community run system. Majority of the colony will be employed by big investors to accomplish work on the Earth’s moon.

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