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Thursday, 26 May 2016

‘Unforgivable’: Majority of Brits can’t absolve Tony Blair of his Iraq war sins

Comment: Tony Blair deserves everything that's hopefully coming to him. He's built his Bliar Empire quite literally from the blood of thousands of maimed and murdered families. His crimes are as huge as his repellent delusions of grandeur and commensurate denials of culpability. Be afraid Tony. The elite will throw you to the dogs as quick as you can say WMD. And that time may well be coming soon. 

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair can never be forgiven for taking the UK into the Iraq war, a majority of Brits said in an opinion poll.

Pollster YouGov carried out the survey ahead of the publication of the long-delayed Chilcot Inquiry report, which examines the legality of Britain’s 2003 Iraq invasion.

It found only eight percent believe Blair did nothing wrong, while 53 percent said they could never forgive him.

Some 15 percent of respondents said it was time to forgive Blair for his misjudgment.
Perhaps the most damning finding was that just 25 percent of Labour Party supporters are in favor of forgiving their former leader.

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