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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

African Union plans to introduce single passport to create EU-style 'continent without borders'

The Independent

African leaders plan to turn the continent into one of "seamless borders” with the introduction of a single passport allowing free movement between countries.

The idea from the African Union has been modelled on the controversial EU Schengen free movement deal, which has abolished many internal borders to enable passport-free movement across the bloc.

Currently, 13 African countries have visa-free deals in place with each other. These allow citizens to visit another country without a visa, or offer them visas on arrival.

In comparison, Americans are able to travel to 20 of the continent’s countries without a visa, or a secure visa on arrival.

The African Union (AU), which represents 54 states, wants to abolish the need for Africans visiting African counties to require a visa by 2018.

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