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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Banksters Threaten Brits: Don’t Brexit!….or else!

James Corbett

One by one, the Brexit dominoes are falling.

First it was the surprise ORB poll last Friday showing those in favor of Britain’s departure from the EU a whopping 10 points in the lead.

Then it was two new polls this week confirming that the “Leave” camp has taken a convincing lead with just 10 days left to go before the vote.

Then it was Murdoch’s Sun urging its readers in its typical low key and understated fashion to “BeLEAVE in Britain!”

Now even serious journalists like The Telegraphs’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard are encouraging Britons to vote for separation from the EU in next week’s referendum:
“Stripped of distractions, [the referendum] comes down to an elemental choice: whether to restore the full self-government of this nation, or to continue living under a higher supranational regime, ruled by a European Council that we do not elect in any meaningful sense, and that the British people can never remove, even when it persists in error.
“[…]We are deciding whether to be guided by a Commission with quasi-executive powers that operates more like the priesthood of the 13th Century papacy than a modern civil service; and whether to submit to a European Court of Justice (ECJ) that claims sweeping supremacy, with no right of appeal.”
I couldn’t have said it better myself. Well, actually I could, but fewer people would listen.


So the bookmakers may still be giving the winning odds to the “Stay” camp (for the compulsive gamblers out there, it’s 4-7 for stay vs. 7-4 for leave), there is significant movement behind the push to extricate the UK from its 43 year entanglement with the EUreaucracy.

So of course the banksters are doing what they always do when things are not going their way: threatening, intimidating and generally trying to scare the living daylights out of the public.

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