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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Britain will remain in the EU: Why 'Brexit' outcome is a foregone conclusion

"Don't worry, we'll never leave them to their own devices..."
Niall Bradley
I'll go out on a limb here and predict that, regardless of the result in today's "in or out" referendum, Britain will remain in the EU. In fact, I want to make the case that the British regime never had any intention of detaching itself from the EU, and that this 'Brexit' campaign is a ruse to give Germany and other continental powers 'something to think about' while retaining a controlling interest in the EU's direction on behalf of joint Anglo-American interests.

After spending some two decades garnering support for holding this referendum, the British elite, from the moment they set a date for it, have overwhelmingly come out in favor of Britain remaining in the EU. Big business and most of the media, think-tanks, all political parties and most members of government are all encouraging voters to say 'remain'.

This, in itself, is illogical. The only apparent reason for developing a political movement towards some specific political goal is to reach that political goal, not deviate from it at the very last moment. Can you imagine the Scottish Nationalist Party, having spent decades lobbying for an independence referendum, achieving that first major step and then advising Scots to vote to remain in the UK?

And so, I suggest, we must look beyond the domestic scene to understand why this charade is playing out. British foreign policy, much like US foreign policy, is indistinguishable from domestic policy, at least from the point of view of their elites, who instinctively equate 'the national interest' with their own personal interests, most of which lie abroad in the framework of an increasingly integrated Western corporate global order.  

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