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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Despite media blackout, eyewitness testimony of multiple shooters at Orlando nightclub spreads on social media

In the wake of the Orlando massacre, social media has been alight with people airing their thoughts on the incident, but a post claiming shooter Omar Mateen wasn't the only gunman in Pulse has sparked particularly vociferous debate and outrage online. The post in question was written by a man calling himself Cody Agnew, who posted it on Facebook on Sunday. It stated that he knew a woman who had survived the killing spree despite being shot 12 times and having 11 bullets removed since.

Agnew claimed that the woman, who he described as "coherent" and "fairly stable," said there had been three gunmen in the gay nightclub on the night of the attack, and not just one. 

The controversial post, which has since been deleted, claimed there were "bits of information that the media aren't telling us." 

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