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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Flat Earthers SYSTEMatically Being Used To Disrupt And Undermine Truth Movements Everywhere

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There is an insidious conspiracy at work throughout the entire Internet which seeks to destroy Truth Movements everywhere.  It is known as the Flat Earth Society (FES) and its explicit purpose is to take down every single truth-oriented website, blog and/or organization which permits an open comment section at the bottom of their posts and articles.

Here’s how they work:
Agents of the FES often begin by posting rather benign yet factual comments about NASA, which everyone now knows is a rogue agency which can rarely be trusted to tell the truth about particular scientific endeavors and galactic missions. That’s a no-brainer that everyone agrees with—NASA holds onto most of the truth and parcels out only the absolute minimum to the taxpayers who fund their mandate .

The Flat Earthers then take advantage of this universal hatred of NASA for their spewing so much deception over so many years, and they use it to subtly garner support for their nonsensical Flat Earth Theory .  When the time is right, the Flat Earthers will then start introducing utterly absurd notions about the Solar System and patently false concepts about the Earth’s relationship to the Sun.

They justify their preposterous sophistry and wacky ideas by routinely outing NASA as a serially prevaricating government agency, which they are — and then using their well-known deception as a justification to overturn the entire paradigm of modern astrophysics.  Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water.  There is no astronomical scientific truth they have left unassailed.  You name it — gravity, a spherical Earth and other planetary orbs, rotational movement of the planets. planetary revolutions around the Sun — they throw it all out and label it as “NASA lies”.

Once they do that in a very public Internet forum or chat room, website or blog comment section, they begin to stir up a LOT of trouble.  They pre-position sock-puppets in the same forums, blogs, etc, who will, with apparent spontaneity, support their silly and stupid comments about the Flat Earth Theory (FET).  The longer the comment thread, the more opportunity to draw in the unsuspecting into their outlandish web of deceit and deception.

They do this by presenting some entirely new and quite valid hypotheses which do introduce such concepts that are related to the Electric Universe; or that propose that the Solar System is also moving though space in a manner which defies the conventional wisdom. There are many instances where the current scientific paradigm does completely fall down, by the way, and the FEs use these obvious flaws to take down the whole system of thought.

By so aggressively assaulting the conventional wisdom which is accepted by the vast majority of people on the planet, they then tar the reputation of the truth movement groups whose websites they have deliberately polluted with their obvious foolishness concerning their FLAT EARTH fantasies.

The following comment was left on a major alternative website which clearly delineates some of the major farcical tenets of the Flat Earth Theory.  It’s not really a theory; rather it’s nothing but line of pure BS as the day is long … with a stray  corrected fact thrown in to string the gullible along.

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