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Friday, 3 June 2016

Mourn the Death of the United States of America: “Soon We Will Be Ripe For Internal Collapse… Or A Large War”

Jeremiah Johnson
SHTF Plan 

This week we remembered our fallen veterans.

We may also remember the United States, as she was, for she, too, has fallen: from forces inside that have collapsed and denigrated it.  The good old days are long gone.  The country is now in a soft-tyranny, a semi-totalitarian state.  All it will take is a spark to turn it into a full-blown totalitarian regime.  For decades, this planned destruction of the United States has been orchestrated: by the “progressive” oligarchy, the politicians, and foreign forces in both of the aforementioned categories.

The universities have been paid by the oligarchs and enriched to pursue a path of scholastic curriculum to inculcate the desires of those paymasters into the youth.  The college students are being molded into globalists, communal group-think, and to reject the history and greatness of the United States.  Embraced in the schools and trickling down into our society are foreign views and foreign ways that, if not antithetical to our system are openly hostile to it.

And the net draws closer to closing.  Look at all of the things that are happening, and see.  Everything is being brought under control…so slowly that the sheep do not know they are being sheared and the frogs do not feel the temperature rising in the five-gallon pot.  Cameras are rapidly appearing on virtually every corner.  License plate readers are being installed.  Drivers’ licenses will need to be “in-sync” in 2017 just for domestic air travel.  If this is not the dawn, the precursor to an internal passport system then what is it for?

Banks fill out a SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) for the withdrawal of cash transactions even less than the original $10,000 initiated by the Rico Statute back in the 80’s.  People are being denied the ability to withdraw their cash, as with JP Morgan.  People are being harassed by the bank managers, and these being customers with long histories of banking with the establishments.  Larry Summers inserts his diatribe regarding the abolition of larger banknotes and openly is contemptuous of any kind of cash transactions.

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