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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Orange-Flavored, Dissolvable Amphetamine for Children Approved by FDA



Adzenys XR-ODT™ is the newest ADHD medication to be approved by the FDA. Chemically similar to Adderall, the drug is now available by prescription for children over the age of six throughout the United States. But Adzenys differs from previous generations of ADHD drugs in one major way—it is the first orange-flavored, orally dissolvable iteration of an amphetamine-based stimulant.

The release of Adzenys has caused concern among doctors and parents due to the fact that the medication is a Schedule 2 Controlled Substance, and the drug’s main selling point—its ease of use—may facilitate abuse.

It’s especially ironic given the scrutiny over THC-medicated edibles in places like Colorado, Oregon, and Vancouver, where lawmakers see their ease of use as problematic for children.

Some in the medical community insist that creating an ODT (orally disintegrating tablet) version of an ADHD drug is a natural course of action for a group of medications with such a widespread use as stimulants; Dr. Ben Biermann of the University of Michigan told STAT that “it’s simply another delivery mechanism.” ODTs have many benefits for those who suffer from difficulty swallowing or have compliance issues, and notably can be taken without liquid.

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