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Thursday, 2 June 2016

TSA Long Lines Part Of Scheme to Move Americans to Mandatory “Biometic Background Pre-Check System”?

Comment: The whole point of these measures is to make it progressively more and more difficult for the average person to travel...All that is except the 0.1%...


Marc Slavo

In a very classic sense, it is a strategy for acquiring more power.

Problem. Reaction. Solution.

Though the TSA has never been effective at catching or reducing terrorism, it has become very good at inconveniencing Americans.

Rifling through their things, herding them through x-ray machines reminiscent of Nazi policies, forcing people to withstand increasingly long lines, with many people even losing out on flights. All in the name of security.

After wait times across the country have made headlines and left airport travelers stranded and fed up, Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson, whose agency overseas the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), is calling for a solution based in… what else… greater security.

Secretary Johnson is using the 2016 travel crisis to push for more sign-ups in its Pre-Check program, in which applicants undergo a rigorous background check and pay an $85 fee for speedy TSA screenings. Johnson dubbed it “the E-ZPass of airports.”

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