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Monday, 4 July 2016

Coup against Corbyn: Tony Blair's elites try to snatch Labour Party back from the working class

Nafeez Ahmed
The Canary

Steve Topple and Elizabeth Mizon contributed to research for this story.

The latest coup attempt against Jeremy Corbyn within the Labour Party is being led by an elitist Blairite network who have always seen his sudden rise to leadership as a threat to their waning control of the party.

An investigation by The Canary reveals that the organisers of the campaign are part of a pro-Blair 'old guard.'

In the run-up to the Labour leadership elections in September 2015, they had tried to re-model the party along the lines of a pro-war, pro-corporate vision linked to the US Democrat Party's neoconservative wing. 

But Jeremy Corbyn's victory completely scuppered their plans.

15 shadow secretaries of state and nine shadow ministers who have resigned from Corbyn's opposition cabinet all have affiliations to, or are involved with, the Fabian Society - the London think-tank affiliated with the Labour Party.

The Fabian Society was a major force in establishing the intellectual basis of New Labour under Blair's premiership and has remained closely aligned to Blair's supporters in the party. It was also the main force attempting to re-impose a Blairite vision on the party before Corbyn's surprise leadership victory.  

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