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Friday, 1 July 2016

New World Order Statist Soros Speaking to the European Parliament Calls for Multi-Billions in EU 'Surge Funding'

Comment: How fitting that Soros should be giving a speech at the EU parliament. Any advice from this guy is going to make everything a whole lot worse for the ordinary man or woman, of that you can be certain.


Robert Wenzal 
Economic Policy Journal

The billionaire statist Geore Soros appeared today before the European Parliament and delivered a speech discussing what the EU should do in the wake of Brexit.

If you weren't sure Soros was an all out one world order statist before this speech, you shouldn't have any qualms after it. The speech was simply stunning in its attempt to intensify the role of the EU in its remaining sphere of power.

The 85-year old clearly wants to use the opportunity, of the British vote to leave the European Union, to take a giant leap and strengthen the EU into a greater central super-power---paid for by the subjects living within the EU region and resulting in greater coercion of the people in the sector by a more powerful EU governing body.

Specifically, he told the European Parliament that the EU should go on a massive multi-billion euro borrowing spree. "Surge funding," he called it, to restructure the EU, shore up its power and become a much greater influence over Europe.

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