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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Police State Roundup: Cops assault, rape, and shoot civilians - lie about it - and get away with it

Brently Kopopolous

Shocking and horrific stories from around the USA this week as the police everywhere are becoming unhinged and violent. The above photograph comes from Memphis, TN, where 19-year-old Hannah Cohen was attempting to travel home through the airport when she was violently attacked by TSA and airport police. Hannah was returning home after successfully completely treatment for a brain tumor from St Jude's Hospital. After setting off a metal detector, she was pulled aside for further screening, which is where things went downhill. Being blind in one eye, partially deaf and somewhat paralyzed, Hannah was confused and scared as she had no idea what was happening to her. When her mother tried to explain, common sense was left by the wayside as protocol indicated Hannah was 'dangerous.'

Resisting their attempts at manhandling, Hannah was thrust to the ground when she hit her head. The above picture is the result. She was then arrested and spent a night in jail before being released without charges. This entire scene could have been avoided with just a little discretion and two-drops of common sense, but apparently that's not something Memphis TSA and airport police are trained in.

In Los Angeles, CA, it's potentially dangerous to visit the county fair. Christian Aguilar was beaten and tased after local police there arrested his parents and then attacked him for filming the arrest. Another man who recorded the incident was also arrested for filming, and that video is available here:  

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