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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Putin Denounces Western Support for Terrorists and Neo-Nazis

Steve Macmillan
New Eastern Outlook

From Ukraine to Syria; Libya to Iraq: the West has repeatedly shown itself to be an imperial entity which brings nothing but chaos, devastation and destabilization to its victims. Contrary to spreading ‘freedom and democracy’ through its geopolitical endeavours, the West’s rap sheet in the 21st century is unrivalled in its immorality and malevolence.
Considering this reality, it is frankly absurd that the Western mainstream media and NATO chiefs have been peddling the narrative that Russia is the belligerent power in the world today. Unless you have been living under a rock in the 21st century, you will have witnessed NATO and the Western establishment leaping from one horror show to the next. Starting with the 2001 war in Afghanistan, the West set the 21st century on the dangerous path of perpetual war, with the remaining 84 years looking as war-torn as the initial 16 if warmongering sociopaths are allowed to be at the helm of the Western world.

Terrorist and Neo-Nazi Tools

During a meeting at the end of June, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, condemned the belligerent policies of NATO and the wider West. Putin stated that Russia is “noticing persistent efforts by certain partners to maintain a monopoly on geopolitical dominance,” adding that the West often uses “terrorists, fundamentalists, far-right nationalists and even neo-fascists” as proxies in their imperial games.

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