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Friday, 8 July 2016

Robots to replace soldiers in future, says Russian military's tech chief


Future warfare will see sophisticated combat robots fighting on land, in the air, at sea and in outer space, the head of Russia's military hi-tech body has said, adding that the days of conventional soldiers on the battlefield are numbered.  

"I see a greater robotization [of war], in fact, future warfare will involve operators and machines, not soldiers shooting at each other on the battlefield," Lieutenant General Andrey Grigoriev, head of the Advanced Research Foundation (ARF) - viewed as Russia's analogue of DARPA - told RIA Novosti in an interview on Wednesday.

He noted that future warfare will be determined by unmanned combat systems: "It would be powerful robot units fighting on land, in the air, at sea as well as underwater and in outer space."

"They would be integrated into large comprehensive reconnaissance-strike systems," Grigoriev added.

"The soldier would gradually turn into an operator and be removed from the battlefield," he stressed. 

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