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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Truth Perspective: A Very Heavy Agenda: The rise, fall and resurrection of the neocons, with Robbie Martin

"Post-9/11, the War on Terror had outlived its usefulness. The minds behind the think tanks that drive America's interventionist foreign policy decided that the U.S. needed a new enemy, so they chose an old one -- Russia."

Thought they were gone and increasingly irrelevant after the disastrous Iraq war? Think again. The neocons are back, and they're directing American foreign policy with as much psychopathic zeal as ever. PNAC may be gone, but it has simply been rebranded as the 'bipartisan' Foreign Policy Initiative, and its agenda is one and the same: to ensure U.S. hegemony and global domination, no matter how many people they have to kill.

All this and more is covered extensively in filmmaker Robbie Martin's new documentary, A Very Heavy Agenda.

Read more and listen to the podcast.

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