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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Wishful thinking (Saker rant)

The Saker

Caveat one: Wishful thinking is considered bad, pollyannish, na├»ve, deluded, etc. Fine. I will plead “guilty” to all of these and boldly proceeded to express some terminal wishful thinking. I will do that because I do believe that it is sometimes important to set aside such otherwise precious things as realism and the so-called “real world” and to unabashedly proclaim that the world we live in is not the world we wished to be living in and that while we might break under the weight of reality, we sill are capable of remembering the ideals we hold dear. And then maybe, our wishes, at least some of them, will come true.
Caveat two: I won’t bother explaining the facts. Those who by now failed to understand what is happening will not be convinced otherwise anyway, as for those who understand, they don’t need me to rehash it all.

Let me begin by a confession. I support the western sanctions against Russia. I love the Magnitsky Act. The day the Eurovision was won by a Ukronazi manipulated Tatar in clear violation of the Eurovision rules, I was delighted. Likewise, I whole-heartedly support the campaign to denounce homophobia in Russia. I think that the NATO summit in Warsaw was a stunning success and I applaud the deployment of NATO battalions in Poland, the Baltics and, frankly, all around the Russian border. I think that Victoria Nuland and Mc Caine should be the next recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize and, of course, I totally support the complete expulsion of all Russian athletes from the Olympic Games.

I support all of the above because they all serve to show the true face of the AngloZionist Empire, something which the Russian people greatly need.

The latest decision by the three judges of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) – one Italian, one Brit and one American – is a perfect example of the truly cosmic level of hypocrisy and double-standards which is not only customary, but the hallmark of the Empire’s application of so-called “western values” towards Russia. It is also a casebook example of the use of “soft power” which goes even beyond strategic psychological operations.

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