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Friday, 12 August 2016

DoJ report reveals systemic racially motivated abuse against African Americans by Baltimore police

Comment: And there is  nothing more useful for the Powers that Be to have more and more divisions by making it exclusively a race issue.  That doesn't mean that people of colour aren't singled out - I think the stats show that they are. But this is about psychopathy inflicted on ALL people regardless of race, something which is getting lost in the race noise. The last thing they want is black and white to come together to take back their world from the Psychopathic Elite. Gay rights, black rights, women's right's and endless "-isms" ultimately serve to camouflage that truth.  There is a war against the ordinary person and it is a war by psychopaths in power. Let's not forget that and fall for their divide and rule scenarios.



A routine traffic stop in Baltimore resulted in a woman being strip searched on the sidewalk and her anal cavity checked. After she was let go with a broken taillight citation, the case became one of the dozens of shocking accounts in the DoJ report on the city's police. The Department of Justice released the 163-page report following its 14-month investigation into the practices and procedures of the Baltimore Police Department following the police-involved death of Freddie Gray.

The report said the public strip search of the female driver "found no evidence of wrongdoing and the officers released the woman without charges... the woman received only a repair order for her headlight. The search occurred in full view of the street." When the woman filed a complaint with the department, her story was corroborated by an investigation. The officer in charge was given a "simple reprimand" and could not serve as an officer in charge until he was "properly trained."

The report contains dozens of disturbing anecdotes of police illegal practices and misconduct and makes for disturbing reading. The report also found in the five and half years of data they examined, African Americans accounted for 95 percent of the 410 people the BPD stopped at least 10 times.

The report said "Strip searches are never permissible" before an arrest but it found more than 60 illegal strip searches over a six-year period. They found descriptions of BPD officers "jumping out" of police vehicles and strip-searching individuals on public streets. 

In another complaint from 2014, a man said an officer who "had red patches with sergeant stripes" on his uniform, searched him several days in a row, including "undoing his pants" and searching his "hindquarters" on a public street. 

"When the strip search did not find contraband, the officer told the man to leave the area and warned that the officer would search him again every time he returned," said the report. "The man then filed a complaint with Internal Affairs and identified the officer who conducted the strip search by name... Internal Affairs nonetheless deemed the complaint 'not sustained' without further explanation."  

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