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Thursday, 11 August 2016

The Rise Of 'Soft' Prostitution

Marcus Williamson

You may have seen the adverts, like the one above, or the headlines:
‘A quarter of a million’ UK students now using sugar daddies — BBC
Meet the sugar baby who’s had 10 sugar daddies - and has found love with one — Mirror
Things Are Thriving In The “Modern Hooker Economy” — Zerohedge
For those of you who aren't aware of what is going on here exactly, well let me cease your virginity on the matter.

This will be a non technical, yet comically financial style review of the rapidly growing industry, the areas which will be covered are the following:

1. The market securities (Students)

2. The market participants (Old men)

3. The market exchange (SeekingArrangements)

4. The market regulations (SeekingArrangements Blog Tips)

5. The effects of the marketplace on society (Why this is bad…)
*  *  *

1. The Market Securities

The marketplace has several asset classes ranging from single mothers to males, but more recently a new asset has been added.


Students differ somewhat to existing securities due to their inherently different risk profile. Said differently, this is how much they cost compared to what they can in theory ‘deliver’ to the purchaser.

The method on which they have arrived in this marketplace is also different, they have been cornered, and now are being exploited.

Without further ado, let me introduce the asset class formally:

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