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Monday, 19 December 2016

National Geographic now enabling extremist 'left-wing' ideological views on gender

Amanda Prestigiacomo


To the sound of thunderous praise from the Left, National Geographic has decided to bring in the New Year by celebrating a nine-year-old boy's sexual confusion.

The magazine's special "Gender Revolution" issue features a cover photo of Avery Jackson, a biologically male elementary student, as seen below.

"The 'Gender Revolution' issue, which hits newsstands nationwide on Dec. 27, examines the 'cultural, social, biological and personal' aspects of gender identity, according to a press release. Features include 'Dangerous Lives of Girls,' which follows the lives of young women in Sierra Leone, and 'Rethinking Gender,' which examines how science can help 'navigate the shifting landscape of gender identity,'" notes The Huffington Post.

National Geographic's Editor-in-Chief Susan Goldberg boasted of the issue via Twitter, calling it "historic."

"We just published our historic special issue of [National Geographic] on the #GenderRevolution," bragged Goldberg. 

But as the Left hyperventilates over their own self-deemed tolerance and goodness, the truth remains that transgenderism is a mental disorder, with real-life repercussions to real people -- not virtue signaling props.

As previously noted by The Daily Wire, studies show that the rate of children who grow out of their sexual confusion about their identity by adulthood is upward of 80 percent. Scores of children who were taken as victim by the "transgender cult" have shared their tragic stories with the world, warning against capitulation to the condition which often proves permanently damaging. 

Comment: Puberty especially, is a time of transition and confusion, and to take advantage of that confusion to infuse gender ideology is an assault on children and teenagers, leading them to make some potentially irreversible and devastating choices later on in life. 
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