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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

New Years 2017: Cops to use 'mental health assessments' on everyone

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Happy New Years and welcome to nightmare 2017.

Last week, I warned everyone, that beginning next year cops will be using pot breathalyzers to arrest innocent people but what's about to happen in Texas, should scare the 'you know what out' of everyone.

According to an article in the 'Dallas News' beginning this spring, Texas cops will begin using 'Mental Health Assessments' (MHA) on everyone!

Cops to use 'mental health assessments' on everyone
"Once at jail, anyone who is arrested will be screened for mental illness. The jail will send those results to judges to consider when setting bond. The county will also start using a risk assessment tool to arrive at an estimated level of danger and flight risk posed by each defendant."

"Defendants' potential release from jail will hinge on mental health and public safety considerations, not just the criminal charges they face and a financial ability to pay bond."

What's disturbing about this article, is how the Feds claim that turning cops into mental health specialists will save taxpayers money. Don't be surprised when cops across the country become DRE and MHA experts. (DRE stands for Drug Recognition Experts)

A Practice article, reveals an 'MHA' is "neither definitively diagnostic nor a definitive indication of a specific condition or disorder." There is very little difference between an 'MHA' and a 'Behavioral Health Assessment' (BHA). (click here to read a MHA form and here to read a BHA form).

There are over 400 risk assessment tools being used to keep people locked up

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