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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Aid worker killed by Navy SEALs in Afghanistan ‘secretly worked with Britain’s MI6’ – report


A British aid worker who was killed by a grenade in Afghanistan during a botched rescue attempt by US special forces was actually working secretly for MI6, according to investigators at the Intercept website.

Linda Norgrove was captured by Taliban insurgents in eastern Afghanistan in September 2010 while she was working for the US contractor agency Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI).

In November 2010, amid fears she was about to be moved to Pakistan by her captors, US special forces launched a rescue mission which resulted in her death by a grenade thrown by her would-be liberators.

In an extensive investigation into the SEALs’ track record – which compares their heroic public face with suppressed accusations of war crimes – the Intercept website claims a number of senior military and intelligence sources say she was working for UK foreign intelligence.

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