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Thursday, 12 January 2017

CNN gets Trumped: Highlights of The Donald's first post-election press conference

Adam Garrie
The Duran

Trump pulled no punches in his first post-election press conference. He was unrelenting against the fake news merchants in mainstream media.

Donald Trump just gave his first post-election press conference. Speaking for approximately an hour, it was far short of President Vladimir Putin's five hour end-of-year marathons, but the entertainment was non-stop.

Trump's humour has almost certainly helped him cope with his ill-treatment at the hands of the fake stream media. Far from being a foreign agent, he seems to love his country and more importantly, love his countrymen. He seems to genuinely sympathise with the concerns of ordinary people. As President he will engage with them, not with the media and corporate elite.

Here are the crucial points... 

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