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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Facebook launches 'Journalism Project' to fight spread of 'fake news'

Comment: Ha, how utterly ironic coming from Facebook which is the bastion of tabloid reporting. So, things are likely to decidedly worse in terms of free speech and alternative news. What to do?  Answer: avoid Facebook for any semblance of real news. Promoting news literacy is a euphemism for propagating a singular political agenda and they waccess to ill restrict any news sites which don't follow their own bias. 






As part of the new "Journalism Project," Facebook said on Wednesday that it would focus on improving its current storytelling formats such as Live, 360 and Instant Articles.

The company also plans to test a feature using Instant Articles to allow readers to see multiple stories at a time, as a package, from their preferred news organizations.

Working with third-party organizations, Facebook said it will work to promote "news literacy" and help users decide which sources are trustworthy and would also continue to work on curbing hoaxes.

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