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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

How Finland plans to completely eradicate tobacco use by 2040

Comment: No, you're not allowed free-will to choose....We'll do it for you. 



Finland is looking to set a world standard for anti-smoking campaigns, with an ambitious new plan to make the country largely tobacco-free by 2040. That means the Finnish government wants less than 2 percent of adults in the country to consume tobacco in any form – be it cigarettes, snuff, pipes or e-cigarettes – by that time.

According to CNN, smoking rates in Finland have been declining on par with those in other industrialized countries around the world – by and large due to things like bans on advertising and shop displays, as well as the creation of smoke-free public spaces.

Still, the Finnish government has its work cut out for it, as 16 percent of 15 to 64-year olds in the country smoked as of 2013. That means they need to achieve a 14 percent reduction in just 23 years.

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