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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

RealNews Journalist Ben Swann Needs Support: Crowdfunding "U.S. Knew It Was Creating ISIS" Episode

Our readers probably know about Ben Swann. He's the host of "Reality Check" on CBS News. Swann has also established his own independent, crowdfunded Truth In Media Project at So far he and his team have produced 16 episodes, and more are in the works. He just announced his next project on Facebook:
Please support our new crowdfunding effort! We are going to create a full half hour documentary to explain not only HOW the U.S., Saudis, Israel, Jordan and Qatar created ISIS but WHY they did so in an effort to overthrow Assad in Syria as well as the effort now underway to end the U.S. funding of terror organizations. We are raising funds via Paystand so please consider donating. Just 5000 people at $10 each will get us the funding we need. Please contribute and SHARE!
The episode will be a follow-up to Swann's previous "Origin of ISIS" episode from February 2016. Check it out below:

 We have dozens of Swann's reports in the SOTT archives, and we recommend just searching "Swann" to revisit some of his work. Here are some highlights:

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