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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Student Arrested, Facing Jail for Throwing a Paper Airplane at Teacher

Matt Agorist 


Georgetown, SC — It appears that throwing a paper airplane at your teacher in school is now a police-enforced punishable offense consisting of jail time. An Andrews High School student is now learning the hard way about the repercussions of silly childhood pranks — in a police state. 


Earlier this month, Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested 17-year-old David Michael Elliott after his instructor, Edward McIver, told the school resource officer that he wanted to press charges for an assault with a paper airplane. 


Elliott was arrested and booked into Georgetown County Detention Center, where he was later released on a $1,087.50 bond. He is now facing charges of third-degree assault and battery — for a paper airplane. 


As South Strand News reports, according to the incident report, McIver – a science teacher, who also serves on the Florence Public School District One Board of Trustees – contacted the school resource officer, Deputy Paul Glover, and told him he had been struck in the eye. In the report, Glover noted McIver’s eye appeared “very red.” Glover said McIver was “very upset” about being struck in the eye because of a recent ocular surgery. 


No one here is arguing that Elliott shouldn’t face the consequences of throwing the paper airplane and striking his teacher in the eye. However, is police action really needed? It was a paper airplane — not a fist.

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