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Monday, 2 January 2017

The Anti-Trump Institutional Coup and the Visible Operatives

Prof. James Petras

There are various types of coups: the seizure of executive power by military officials who disband the elected legislature, judiciary and executive, shut-down the media that criticizes the military take- over and and outlaws’ independent social movements. The most recent coups are led by institutional forces which ouster the elected President through the intervention of congressional, judicial , security forces, (including the intelligence apparatus) and the mass media.

Four examples of institutional coups took place during the Obama regime : the Ukraine (2014), Honduras (2009), Paraguay (2012) and Brazil (2016). These coups serve as a model for the ouster of US President-elect Trump before he takes office and during his selection of Cabinet appointments. In this essay we will analyze the unfolding of the anti-Trump coup by examining the process, the step by step means by which the principle operatives intervene against the electoral result.

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