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Friday, 27 January 2017

The Institutes of Technology Exposed: Academia’s Surprising Role in War, Science and the System

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With a new face on the American empire, people are looking to vent their frustration on this icon: but who is truly responsible for creating tyranny and suffering in this world? What government, corporate, and institutional entities are truly responsible for shaping life to be hell on Earth for our “bottom” class of people, and how do they do it?

Answering this question, “who is morally culpable for degrading our world,” is critical for any person’s understanding of where we are at as a species.

This article will focus on a rarely touched aspect of the power structure: the institutes of technology, the entities of mad science, and these academic institutions that support the military industrial complex.

These schools pioneer science to the benefit of governments, corporations, and the class of people treating us like cattle. They march society on a path that does not benefit our people.

While they have created a wide range of things, from very helpful to incomprehensibly destructive, they fundamentally side with the people who are perhaps most morally culpable for war and human suffering: the state, and “defense” contractors who ally with the state, just to name a few.

According to Wikipedia, an institute of technology is “a type of university which specializes in engineering, technology, Applied Science, and possibly natural sciences.”

This is an introduction to 10 academic institutions who are marching us on a trajectory toward mad science, warfare, human suffering, and profit at the expense of our bottom class of people. Some are not specifically institutes of technology, but are integral parts of the system.

This should serve as a starting point to your own research: with a little digging, one can uncover much more about these foundational structures of what we call “the system.”

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