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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

80 Students Removed From Class For Being Unvaccinated: Crossing the Line of Coercion

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80 students were ordered out of class last week in Minneapolis, Minnesota because they didn’t provide evidence that they received vaccines.

According to a local CBS News article:

“Rochester Public School Board members voted last week to enforce a state law that requires students be immunized or be officially exempt for reasons such as health or religion.
Students had to submit the proper paperwork to the school district in order to prove they are exempt by Wednesday.
The Rochester School district said the decision to prohibit students from attending class that did not have official documentation that they received their vaccines is simply enforcing a state law.”

It sounds like the school had a choice to comply with the law or not. Even if they were told by the state they don’t have a choice, they do.

The school has chosen to comply with coercing students into getting measles, tetanus, mumps, and chicken pox vaccines, which contain things such as mercury or aluminum and cause more injuries than can be easily summarized in one article.

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